The overall look and feel of BTO flats revolve around how well you can use the space to avoid narrow hallways or small rooms. So if you are looking for ideas to make the best of your 1-4 room BTO renovation, you should read on for tips. 

Your dream home could be just a few steps away if you handle the renovation right, and you need not do this on an extravagant budget at all. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind when on the BTO renovation journey.

Essentials for a BTO Renovation:

  • A 4 room BTO renovation might sound like there is a lot of space, but you need to consider options carefully to make your flat appear spacious. In living spaces, consider using glass wall dividers instead of concrete ones. This can significantly open up the area visually, creating an almost open-concept space. It will also promote the natural flow of light, allowing you to save on electricity bills. If you want, you can even choose simple dividers instead of brick walls as they are compact yet stylish. Your living area will look considerably more spacious this way.


  • Consider getting floor-to-ceiling shelves to create more space while making storage easy. It can help you almost eliminate clutter while not spending too much floor space for storage. In addition, these offer you a cost-effective, practical storage solution.



  • BTO renovation will require ample resources. Make sure you have allocated a budget for the renovation process to avoid a financial crunch. Also, make it a point to plan where you will allocate most of your budget, be it carpentry, painting, plumbing and electricity or something else. Go over the budget with a designer or renovation team so that you have realistic expectations.


  • Time frame is crucial when it comes to renovation. Make sure that you and your contractors agree on a time frame within which they will complete the renovation. However, keep in mind that unexpected instances could extend the time frame. 


In addition to an overall time frame, keep an agreement on when they will tentatively complete particular portions of the renovation process. 


  • Identify rooms that require major upgrades and make sure you fit them into your budget and timeframe. 


  • Always consult an expert. Many homeowners make a common mistake –  they try to do too much at once and on their own. Make sure you have professional help while renovating so that you can avoid common errors.