BTO renovation does not have to be a chore. There are some things you can do to ensure a smooth renovation process while also enhancing the allure of your BTO. 

Below are a few pointers to take note of for your BTO Renovation. 

  • In a BTO flat, space is definitely a resource you want to conserve and make the most of. When carrying out your renovation, make sure you use elements that make the existing space appear bigger like mirrors and roller blinds.


  •  In addition, use furniture that can optimise your space usage. You can use dual function beds that can double as a storage unit or a sofa. These small steps can play a major role in reducing the overall clutter in your BTO apartment.


  • Decor plays a vital role in renovation. You can choose to add some bold choices by playing with lights, accents and feature walls. If you want subtle tones, you should opt for classic tones and muted shades. This can help to keep the house looking minimalist, yet bold. You can also pair up your theme with catchy pieces of furniture to add an air of elegance or give it a retro look. Choose art, plants, and other decor that matches the theme of your flat. This can enhance the entire mood of your BTO flat. You can also opt for some lava lamps, feature walls or wallpaper to experiment. Make sure your design choices always reflect your personality. 


  • Try to opt for a renovation partner instead of handling the entire renovation project by yourself, it is always better to acquire professional opinion to make sure that your budget and timeline are sound and your ideas can be correctly executed.


  • Do not put off choosing appliances and furniture for the end. Always make these choices before or during the renovation so that you can make changes in the areas that will hold these pieces to accommodate them. Happy renovating!